• First appearance: Battle 167
  • Yami Symbol: Sky
  • Type: Possibly Sei or Dou
  • Nickname:Jinetsukenjin/God Hand
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Karate
Yami member, he is a master that utilizes karate, he was the master of Kanō Shō (who died after being defeated by Kenichi during the D of D tournament). He scorns on using science and technology as tools to measure one's level of martial arts, but does not hesitate to raise the obstacles and difficulty level for Shou when he was in an experiment. One of the Nine Fists. He's called God Hand. Evidence showed that though he was extremely hard on Sho, it was because he wanted to dispell the doubts of several other people including the One Shadow that Sho had the right to be the 'Sole Successor'. Thus, he was a stern and cold teacher to Sho so that the disciple would never lose a match, which might discredit his and Sho's reputation. However he let Sho do as he pleased sometimes, including keeping a little bird and riding on him for a while on boat.
He has some bad relations with Ryozanpaku, evident from him fingering his scar when mentioning Ryozanpaku, Sho being scared of getting caught by him when he spied on Ryozanpaku, and when information reached his ears that Sho died to save a Ryozanpaku disciple, he was displeased.
God Hand was very agitated upon Sho's death and proceeded to challenge the other masters, most of all Smiling Steel Fist who was supposedly in charge of the D of D tournament where Sho died.
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