• First appearance: Battle 48
  • Type: Sei
  • Martial Arts: Karate, espically utilizes the Spear Hand that uses Tame
Loki is the Fourth Fist of Ragnarok. He uses a Karate style that involves using all the joints in the human arms. Besides being a powerful fighter, he is also quite intelligent, using information about his opponents to his advantage. Despite his strength, Loki prefers to win by using any means necessary; he kidnaps Honoka in front of Hermit, after learning she is Kenichi's sister. His ultimate goal is unknown, but it seems that destroying Ragnarok is part of it; he plants seeds of doubt among the Eight Fists in order to have Ragnarok in disarray. Loki also has "shadows", underlings who look like him (except one that is obviously much fatter than the real one); he uses them to distract and confuse opponents. Berserker later defeats him after Loki attempts a Coup d'etat against Ragnarok. On chapter 306, Loki is seen sending information about YOMI to Niijima, who appears to be working with Loki to gather information about YOMI. It is said that Loki is afraid of YOMI.
Niijima states that both he and Loki follow the "Art of Evil", which is why Loki uses dirty methods to win. He is actually good looking without his goggles on, according to Takeda; he, Ukita, Loki, and Hermit are among the five most handsome guys in Ragnarok.
Number 20 from Ragnarok is usually seen working with Loki. She is his eyes and ears, and is mostly seen collecting information and creating weapons for him.
He is named after Loki, a mischievous being in Norse mythology. He also is very deceptive and lies very often like his namesake.
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