• First appearance: Battle 192
  • Yami Symbol: Shadow
  • Nickname:Ichiei/One Shadow
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Unknown
Miu's father, the son of Hayato Furinji and also heads the leadership council of Yami, known as "One Shadow, Nine Fists." It is heavily hinted that he was the killer of Template:Nihongo, Miu's mother. James Shiba, Takeda's boxing Master, also referred to him as the person he had lost to in a fight (and subsequently lost his right eye and injured his left leg) though James also said that he let his guard down. His organization is directed towards promoting the killing martial arts, which is what they believe to be the true fighting arts. This puts them in opposition to Ryōzanpaku. After Shou's death, he chooses his disciple to lead YOMI. Akisame said that he was his best friend in Battle 78. He has also taught his disciple, Kajima Satomi, that the key to winning lies in the 'heart', which is also one of the Elder's lines.
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