• Yami Symbol: King
  • Nickname:Kenmashajin/Demon Fist God
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Pencak Silat
Member of Yami, he is a master that specializes in Pencak Silat or Supreme Silat as he calls it. He is known as the Demon Fist God. He is well known for disposing his disciples if they are not to his liking, as seen after Kenichi defeats his disciple he punishes him by causing an avalanche to buries him. He seems completely unconcerned about losing his disciple, commenting in the aftermath that he could easily train someone else to his level to replace him (this could simply be idle boasting on his part though). One of the Nine Fists and he stated that they got together just to avoid proving their martial art is the strongest and that they had no companionship to begin with. Miu confirms that Silcardo was the same Pencak Silat practitioner whom Hayato Fūrinji fought with years ago in an encounter prior to the story. Evidences includes that both wear similar, if not identical masks. Silcardo has also described Kenichi as "Having the same smell as someone I met in the past." This could be a reference to the part where the Elder said to Kenichi "You remind me of myself when I was young'. He recently decided to take Rachel as a candidate for his new discple despite the fact that the green of lucha libre is still strong within her but it might be possible to pull that green out. He is always seen eating some sort of fruit, even when someone remembers him. Since Silcardo is the man who had fought with and gave trouble to Hayato Furiniji(a.k.a The Invicible Superman), then he is most likely one of the strongest martial artists of the One Shadow Nine Fists. Although their fight took place sometime ago and it is unknown if he got stronger than before.
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