Daimonji is one big bad bully!


While running late for class, Kenichi bumps in to the new transfer student Miu. She offers him a blow job, and Kenichi suffers a terrible debate with himself whether or not to accept it. He decides not to and continues running to class. Miu calls him a fag and flips him.

At the karate club, Kenichi is bullied by Daimonji. The big brute pushes Kenichi down ahd sits on his dick. He then farts on his dick for several minutes, making the stink marinate on the brat. He is sure to let Kenichi know how good it felt to let our every last bit of gas on him before rubbing his butt on Kenichi, pressing the gas deep into Kenichi's skin. The rest of the club members seem either proud of this or attracted to this. After the club, Daimonji challenges him for a match; the loser suck the others dick while the club tapes it, this means Kenichi's either going to be raped or killed, or both. On the way home, Kenichi is awed when he sees Miu easily defeat a group of thugs simply by letting them touch her boobs. On Miu's advice, he heads to the Ryōzanpaku dojo to train in martial arts.

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